Fur Friendly is a small grooming parlour located in Howdales, 5 miles from Manby, near Louth in Lincolnshire, we cater for all breeds of dog large or small and work on a one to one basis strictly by appointment so your dog isn't kept waiting around in a crate. At Fur Friendly our philosophy is very simple, your dog's welfare is our priority. All of the dogs are treated gently and with the utmost care and unlike many larger parlours we're able to take our time, all the dogs are hand dried, we don't use cage dryers.
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We are located at the former cattery in Howdales, situated 5 miles from Manby, 6 miles from Louth and 6 miles from Mablethorpe in a quiet rural location surrounded by beautiful, tranquil countryside, that perfectly reflects the Fur Friendly ethos of providing a calm and relaxing environment. Need help getting to us? No problem, contact us and we’ll happily provide you a personalised map with comprehensive directions. If you cannot get to us by car we may be able to offer you a collection and drop off service. Fur Friendly, The Old Cattery, Saddleback Road, Howdales, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 7DJ 01507 338914 info@furfriendly.co.uk
Opening times: Monday Closed Tuesday 9am - 5pm Wednesday 9am - 5pm Thursday 9am - 4pm Friday 9am - 5pm Saturday By Appointment Sunday Closed
Emma and Connie were recently invited by City & Guilds to demonstrate their grooming talents for a panel of judges looking to standardise the industry qualifications. Both Emma and Connie were trained to level 3, City & Guilds diploma for Professional Dog Stylists at Grimsby Institute, seeing national success as they won titles at Crufts, Premier Groom and The British Dog Grooming championships, before embarking on careers as Dog Groomers at both Fur Friendly Grooming Salon and the Grimsby Institute.
Emma Taylor, Lee Lister and Connie Critcher pictured in the Grimsby Institute's Dog Grooming Training Salon.
Well done Connie on scooping the Young Kennel Club's Groomer of the Year title for the second year running. Connie competed against other young groomers at Crufts in NEC in Birmingham.
Fur Friendly, The Old Cattery, Saddleback Road, Howdales, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 7DJ 01507 338914 info@furfriendly.co.uk
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How much does it cost? We need to see your dog and assess the size, coat type, condition and grooming requirements before we can quote a price as even dogs of the same breed can vary immensely, dogs who are groomed at industry recognised intervals with well-maintained coats will cost less than those who are only groomed once or twice a year.   How long does it take? Again we need to see your dog and assess the size, coat type, condition and grooming requirements, most smaller dogs who are groomed regularly take approximately 2 hours but it can take up to 4 or 5 hours to groom breeds such as a Newfoundland or standard Poodle.   When can my puppy have its first haircut? Puppies can be partially groomed, bath, face, feet and sanitary trim as soon as they have had their vaccinations. Most dogs will have their adult coat through at around 9 months of age so can be groomed to your requirements, it is not advisable to clip puppy coats as this can damage the adult coat resulting in bald or thin patches, skin problems and incorrect coat texture.   Can you remove tartar from my dogs teeth? Under current regulations this is classed as a veterinary procedure and should not be performed by a groomer.   Do you empty anal glands? Under current regulations this is classed as an invasive procedure that should only be performed by a veterinarian.   Can you groom my dog if she is in season? No, it is unfair on your dog to be groomed whilst in season, they are often not settled and resent been excessively handled. It is also distracting for any male dogs, especially those that are entire.   What is hand stripping? This is the breed standard grooming technique for most Terrier and Gundog breeds, it involves stripping out the dead harsh textured hair using finger and thumb, this process will maintain the correct colour and texture to the coat. Removing the dead hair from the follicle stimulates new coat growth. Not all coats are suitable for stripping, particularly if the dog has been neutered, but we will assess each individual dog and advise the best course of action. Hand stripping takes much longer than clipping, around 3 to 4 hours and is therefore more expensive. More Questions? Please contact us if you have any questions, alternatively why not bring your dog in, have a look around, a cup of tea and a no obligation chat.
She’s only gone and won it! Emma has proved that she’s a cut above the rest after being crowned ‘Groomer of the Year’ in the national dog grooming competition. Emma scooped the top prize at the annual British Dog Grooming Championships, which took place in Warwickshire in October. Emma, who has been grooming for over four years, managed to beat over 100 competitors to become crowned as Groomer of the Year. Emma said: “This is an almighty privilege and accomplishment for a groomer - it’s one of the things we all work towards.”
Emma Taylor Dog Groomer of the year 2015
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