We will treat your pet gently with kindness and respect; we will not continue with any grooming procedure if it causes your pet undue distress, your pets’ welfare is a priority. We reserve the right to alter styling to reflect this in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 2007. De matting is painful for your pet and a time consuming process, any dog that cannot be brushed out within 20 minutes will be clipped short to prevent stress to your pet and the associated health issues that may occur. Please ask about our De-mat policy for more details. We reserve the right to refuse or terminate grooming if we feel the dog is too aggressive, distressed or unwell to undergo/continue the grooming process. Cancellations must be notified at least 24 hours before appointment or a £15.00 charge will be applicable. No shows will be charged at £25.00 payable before another appointment can be arranged. Failure to collect your pet within 30 minutes of the given collection time will be charged at £3.00 per 1/2 hour unless late collection has been pre-arranged. If your dog has fleas please ensure you tell us when you arrive so we can take precautions, failure to do so will incur a £10.00 charge to cover the costs of salon disinfection and flea treatment. If your pet has developed any health or behavioural problem since their previous visit please inform us when you arrive as this may affect the way we need to handle/style your dog safely and without causing the dog distress. Please allow your pet the time to relieve themselves before entering the salon, feel free to use the grassed area alongside the salon but please be sure to clean up after them, pooh bags are available on request and can be disposed of in the black bin in the entrance courtyard. Most breeds of dog have an industry recognised grooming schedule ranging from 4 weeks to 4 months; our prices are based on these time-scales so your pet may cost more to groom if the intervals between appointments are longer than those recommended. Unfortunately teeth cleaning and anal gland expression are deemed to be "veterinary procedures" and therefore under the Veterinary Surgeons Act so we are unable to performing these services for you.
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